Talking about the experience of providing web hosting I’ve had lots of experience, ranging from consumer to resseller I experienced, but on paper this time I just want to share your experiences, about a hosting service that I have tried, both for building community sites and even up to the need for corporate sites that require large resources and strong.

By the time we decided to build a web site, at that time we decided to find web hosting for web sites that will be built. Web file inevitably be on Lay on a web server connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Computer / server can be a computer at home or office, or use a web hosting service is rampant on the Internet, ranging from the services vps hosting until dedicated server now it is very easy to get.

It is a web hosting service will handle any technical issues relating to the web server, so we can concentrate on content development. In each choice there are always pros and cons that must be carefully calculated, if we decide to select a hosting service, looking for a stable service, reasonable prices, customer friendly, I suggest you first look at the information provided by, before you decide to choose the hosting service that will be used, because there are reliable information for those interested in starting a business online with a hosting service is satisfactory.

Besides, in terms of choosing your hosting service must consider a few things namely, how speed and stability of their connection to the Internet? Are they able to guarantee service & support 24 hours? Do they have uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and a good backup system? Course will be very painful if we had to pay tens of millions to build a site but obtained only complaint from our site The access that slow. Hosting these services should be guaranteed a minimum of two (2) fruit connection to the internet at high speed 2Mbps or more. Better yet, have a direct connection either locally or internationally.

From the brief information I have described earlier, could hopefully provide the knowledge for you in choosing web hosting services, so you can choose the right suit your needs.

information web hosting services, fast, stable and reliable
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  • 18 September 2009 pukul 11:11 am
    Permalink ? I’ll check it out. Sounds good resources. thank you.


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