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TigerText, Applications iPhone ‘Destroyer’ Message

Often smart phone users send a message ‘secret’ to friends to friends via sms cheating or email. But they worry that messages should be consumed between the sender and the recipient eventually spread to other people, either on-forward, or deliberately stored in the phone and read by others.
X iPhone application developers Sigma Partners issued a telling solutions to resolve the issue. Companies from the California developer, launched TigerText application that allows messages sent, deleted from the mailbox ‘sent’ on the iPhone the sender and also delete messages as soon as received by the destination phone.

Founder X Sigma Partners, Jeffrey Evans pointed out that the application is made not to support the fraudulent acts such as corruption or adultery. He also confirmed that Tiger’s name is not related to the golfer who marital affairs, Tiger Woods. Read more

Kingston Flash Drive 256GB Present in Indonesia

Kingston USB Flash drive launched the world’s first 256GB capacity, which is named Kingston Technology DataTraveler 300. Kingston DataTraveler 300 allows users to carry all his digital files of all data into a database of documents. Users will also benefit from a fast transfer speed and the option to protect your data with password protection. “This unit has the ability to store more than 51 thousand pictures or a paper tower 1346 meters in the form of small, this shows how far the technology has been developing flash,” said Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director Asia Pacific region Kingston. Read more

Kingston Offers 16GB microSDHC

Kingston Digital announced the launch of 16GB microSDHC card is Class 10. Cards with large capacity combined with the SD Association Specification 3:00 to meet the requirements of Class 10. 16GB microSDHC card has a minimum data transfer speed of 10MB/sec. “With the speed of the latest class, all such devices include digital cameras with high resolution or the latest smart phone that is designed to optimize write performance can benefit by using a memory card and high-speed, more responsive,” said Nathan Su, Flash Sales Director Kingston Memory, APAC Region.

“Now, the card specification Class 10 is five times faster than Class 2 card, users can more quickly feel the effects when the transfer or copy files such as photos, music, videos and e-books by using a multi-card reader formats such as Kingston Media Reader or MobileLiteG2 with a PC, “he added.

Kingston also includes an adapter to other devices using miniSD form. Adapter pack also allows users to store all data on one card at a Class 10 device platforms. Read more

Topik Hot Film Arisan Brondong

Lagi-lagi topik panas mulai pada dibidik, kali ini topik panas tentang Film Berjudul “Arisan Brondong” adalah film komedi yang menceritakan tentang sekelompok ‘tante-tante’ seksi yang menggoda ‘brondong’ (pria-pria muda). Film ini film ber-genre komedi yang menampilkan wanita-wanita seksi mengejar brondong dengan beberapa adegan konyol yang dibumbui seks.
Berikut ini sebuah cuplikan film Arisan Brondong bercerita tentang sekumpulan ibu-ibu muda yang memiliki perkumpulan arisan. Namun arisan disini bukan untuk mendapatkan uang maupun barang, tapi mendapatkan seorang pria muda atau yang sekarang lebih dikenal dengan sebutan brondong. Rencananya Arisan Brondong akan tayang di bioskop-bioskop pada kamis 18 Februari. Tentunya ini bisa menjadi alternatif tontonan yang menghibur bagi Anda. Bagi anda yang penasaran seperti apa Film Arisan Brondong yang segera muncul di Bioskop, berikut ini saya tampilkan beberapa cuplikan film arisan brondong, untuk melihat Trailer Film arisan brondong silahkan Read more