Often smart phone users send a message ‘secret’ to friends to friends via sms cheating or email. But they worry that messages should be consumed between the sender and the recipient eventually spread to other people, either on-forward, or deliberately stored in the phone and read by others.
X iPhone application developers Sigma Partners issued a telling solutions to resolve the issue. Companies from the California developer, launched TigerText application that allows messages sent, deleted from the mailbox ‘sent’ on the iPhone the sender and also delete messages as soon as received by the destination phone.

Founder X Sigma Partners, Jeffrey Evans pointed out that the application is made not to support the fraudulent acts such as corruption or adultery. He also confirmed that Tiger’s name is not related to the golfer who marital affairs, Tiger Woods. “I realize many people will think that this application related to Tiger Woods because of his name, but this application is not an application for people who are trying to do fraud,” said Evans, as reported by AsiaOne, Saturday (27/2/2010).

Through the feature ‘delete on read’ iphone owners can set the time when the message is deleted from the inbox of the recipient. Time is available starting from 60 seconds. After 60 seconds it means the message is opened it will be missing the message itself. These messages can not be copied or forwarded are stored by the recipient.

“99 percent of people want it, how many times have you sent the message and to inform the recipient that they immediately delete it after reading it?,” Said Evans.

Services for Tigertext application is free, specifically for reading the message, but to send messages to users to pay approximately $ 1, 49 to 250 messages sent.

TigerText, Applications iPhone ‘Destroyer’ Message

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