Microsoft founder Bill Gates reportedly going to build a new generation of nuclear reactors. This somewhat surprising news, since Gates had previously claimed the land back from the business and spend more time to charitable programs. Quoted from Tg Daily, Thursday (25/3/2010), Gates’s involvement comes from a company called TerraPower that has nothing to do with the millionaire. This company also does not work alone but that Toshiba took the nuclear company called Westinghouse.

Unlike a nuclear reactor that generally require refueling every few years, for nuclear reactors are said besutan Gates capable of operating up to 100 years for one charge of uranium. Own nuclear reactor staying digadang can produce 10,000 KW electricity and is considered very suitable for developing countries.

Nikkei Business Daily added, the construction of nuclear reactors is expected to be completed in the next 2014 years. Gates himself predicted would have poured several billion dollars from his wallet. In Wikipedia, a nuclear reactor said to be a place / device in which nuclear chain reaction is created, managed and maintained its continuity at a steady rate (as opposed to a nuclear bomb, which the chain reaction occurs in the order of fractions of seconds, this reaction was not controlled).

Nuclear reactors used for many purposes. Currently, most nuclear reactors used to generate electricity. Research reactors used for the manufacture of radioisotopes (radioactive isotopes) and for research. Initially, the first nuclear reactor used to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons material.

Bill Gates Build Nuclear Reactor?
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