Design: Glossy and Lightweight, Easy Keyboard darling Gross, Tablet PCs from Lenovo this may have little value compared iPad plus. Although different position, IdeaPad S10-3p can answer iPad weaknesses such as: problems with Flash, memory card slot, and a physical keyboard. Followed IdeaPad S10 is a tablet PC product multi-touch first made in Lenovo. With a price of around USD 5.5 million and the latest Intel Atom processor N470, Lenovo as if to attract market share with this tablet.

Users can feel the sensation of touch screen on a netbook sailed around 180 degrees. One thing is unfortunate, S10-3t battery for only 4 cells. Plus touch screen feature that takes a lot of power. We’ll see whether the advantages it offers, S10-3p could be an alternative choice iPad? or did it become expensive netbook touch sailing.

For a touch-screen netbook, S10-3t including light products. The reason is, with 1.27 kg weight, this product is very convenient to carry. With a night of cosmic motifs made from glossy, S10-3t elegant look when opened, closed or turned into tablets. Unfortunately white plastic material that is in the keyboard body quickly made him dirty. In my mind there is a question. Why not carry the Lenovo glossy design across the surface and product cover this? Is not it better to make this product seem exclusive?

When try with screen size of 10.1 inches, S10-3t was enough relief for office and browsing activities like a netbook. For port affairs, S10-3p equipped with: 2 USB ports, 1 VGA port, LAN ports 1 and 2 are divided audio jack on the right and left body. When used for typing, the keyboard S10-3t it still the same as the previous version. One thing that is slightly different touchpadnya. S10-3p appeared with the design a little rough-textured touchpad. Also right click button and the left is now merged with the touchpad. As a result the design of the keyboard lower body becomes more neatly.

With a swivel screen design, this netbook be considered very suitable office workers loyal friend who loved to make presentations. In addition, the teacher or public speaker is also fitted for carrying a tablet PC this glossy design.With the latest version of the brain and the Intel Atom 1GB of RAM memory, Ideapad S10-3t is sufficient if it is used for the needs of daily office. We want to type a document, this product functions as a netbook. As to the presentation, change to a lightweight tablet PC portable.

Unfortunately for the voice business, this product is a bit disappointing. Plus the innate battery 4-cell only, these netbooks could only last about 3 hours. With the USD price range. 5.5 million, IdeaPad S10-3p could be alternative choices for users who search for multifunctional touch screen gadget

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t, Netbook Sailing Touch Play
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