In Indonesia, in 2010 beginning with the emergence of Samsung I8000 or known as the Omnia II. Touch screen smart phone presents data and communicate the experience of near-perfect. Omnia II has a larger size than its predecessor, Omnia I. This causes the touch screen even more wide and comfortable to use. Great shape and wrapping materials madeĀ  Omnia II looks very elegant and premium, quite matching to the businessmen and integrated with other office gadgets.

Especially when the display shows the results of surfing in cyberspace. The screen size is nearly four inches to successfully treat eye colors sharp, thanks to technology, ultra amoled its brilliant. We explored more deeply, on-screen menu icons appear with the larger sizes, the Windows Mobile operating system (now called Windows Phone) 6.5 is a weapon Omnia II also makes users very comfortable as you browse the menus is deeper. What is interesting is that the vibration response occurs through the Omnia II, when users touch-screen phone with a bit of pressure.

In addition, the experience was even more interesting when sms Omnia II shows all messages from the same sender in a full screen view. Not to mention when the screen displays the videos that exist, Omnia II supports major video formats, from MP3, WMV to DivX. No exception with a photo image or TXT file format, PDF and PPT.

To zoom in (zoom in or out) view the Internet, or to change your display picture to a photo of one another, Omnia II facilitate the user just by doing a one-time shift on the screen. To zoom in, simply use the two index finger and your thumb to make a second shift finger is moved away. As for change color, your fingers just like throwing a motion picture on the screen. Even to change the wallpaper on the screen ‘home’, the user shifts the image stayed there with your fingers, until the desired image is displayed.

Cube Innovative UI, which displays an icon in the 3D shape is considered ternyaman Windows Mobile applications available today.

If the mobile operator you are using supports, you can surf the Internet with the power of 7.2 megabytes per second (mbps). Section, 800 Mhz processor which is also assisted by diusungnya technologies HSDPA and HSUPA networks. If the less fortunate, you still can use short range wireless access to a wifi.

In addition to scheduling, conversion, create to-do-list with pictures, sound, video, and text, and others, the most important is the Omnia II is equipped with a capacity of 5 megapixel camera with dual power LED, use the snapshot feature smile, panoramic, action , and mosaics. To save all data, whether photos, files, videos and music, the Samsung Omnia II complete with 8GB of memory space.

Is the latest navigation maps that will help users find a way, both for navigation by car or on foot. Even more interesting is the technology and the Real View 3D landmarks for the introduction of a more accurate way.

For the entertainment business in his spare time, Asphalt 4, Crayon Physics, and the Avatar can be used as an alternative in the mobile entertainer worth millions of approximately Rp7 this.

Samsung Omnia II for Multimedia
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