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Film Dokumenter Gigolo Bali Marak Di Download

Cowboys Paradise, Film Dokumenter Gigolo Bali Beredar di Internet, Indonesia heboh lagi dengan film dokumenter yang menceritakan gigolo, Film dokumenter tentang pria penghibur atau gigolo di Pantai Kuta, Bali, hingga Ahad (25/4), terus menuai protes dari warga dan tokoh masyarakat Kuta. Menurut mereka, film berjudul Cowboys Paradise ini dinilai tak menyampaikan fakta sebenarnya di lapangan meski fenomena gigolo diakui ada di Kuta. Selain itu, film yang disutradarai Amit Virmani ini juga dianggap menyimpang karena menyebut Kuta sebagai surga wisata seks bagi ribuan turis wanita. Read more

Foto Aktivitas Matahari Pertama Dengan Teleskop Canggih

Untuk pertama kalinya kita dapat melihat aktivitas matahari dengan jelas,  Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), teleskop paling mutakhir untuk pengamatan matahari, berhasil menangkap aktivitas sang surya dengan sangat jelas.

Foto-foto yang dirilis NASA ke publik pekan ini memperlihatkan dengan sangat jelas aktivitas matahari yang mengeluarkan 100 ledakan bom hidrogen. Melalui foto-foto tersebut diketahui pula bagaimana wilayah ring of fire matahari memanas hingga puluhan juta derajat, mengembang hingga puluhan ribu mil hingga menjadi sangat besar dan bisa berisikan lebih dari 100 planet seukuran Bumi. Read more

LX9500, 3D TV from LG

LG Electronics Indonesia (LGEIN) entering the 3D world by launching a full LX9500 LED 3DTV in Indonesia in early May. 3DTV the first LED in the world that brings a myriad of features and the latest technology that is claimed to be found in other brands 3DTV. “We are preparing a variety of the latest features and of course some excellent technology of LG which we will include in our 3DTV, like TruMotion 400Hz, 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, local dimming technology, Wireless and many more,” said Eko Adhi Suyitno, Section Product Marketing Head Flat Panel Display, LG Electronics Indonesia issued a statement on Saturday (04/24/2010). Read more

references to learn quickly to problems in algebra online tutoring

Have you experienced difficulty in learning mathematics? I’m sure all ever. As we know a lot of Mathematics is a lesson that applies in our lives, especially in employment, but not the least of us still have difficulties understanding the application of mathematics in everyday activities. mathematics has a very broad relationship with other subjects such as physics and chemistry. Therefore, mathematics is a very important field of study and is the basis for other subjects, especially when applied in the field of work that have relevance to the process of calculation. If we talk about the mathematics of course we know very well about Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 when we were in school, algebra is one part of a math lesson and has many applications related to algebra in the life. for some students, this lesson is considered as one of the hardest part of math, but now no longer have to worry about solving a lot of help online, either for Algebra 1 Answers and Algebra 2 Answers is available by way of transferring online tutoring.

Studies to learn mathematics is best done from the beginning, but for those who are still experiencing difficulties in applying mathematics in occupations that have a relationship with the mathematics you need not worry, we can still learn math online tutoring systems where this concept we can learn more easily to understand the application of our learning with a guidebook. Read more