Life’s journey is unforgettable memories

Genesis past both happy and sad could be special memories, we can not go back in time, but we can only learn and remember and write it into a autobiography writing. I wrote this story as capture memories that someday I will make digital scrapbooks, so people can share the beauty of life and a reminder of the sincere and full of gratitude for this, anyone may write a story or memories of the past with a variety of different backgrounds, and different story, obviously with the goal as the memories are positive, let me share a little story which I think in the past, stories that I write this is an unforgettable memory in my memory.

I do not feel at birth. When, where, by whom it is not known. One time there was a touch, there are movements like the swing of the hands of someone, yes that’s the first time I felt there was a hold, a voice “singing …., son who is ….”. That was my mother’s voice lull me.

One time I had to wear a uniform, a red plaid shirt with white shorts. I remember that time my father was escorted to school by bike jeans. With these jeans bike I was first learning to ride a bike.

Memories continue. I remember very well when asking bought anything, from shirts, pants, shoes, bags, and toys. Sometimes my “cranky” and crying when the mother did not buy. Toys fight, fight with brother often, indeed I have always been not to be outdone by my brother. My mother and father are good people, always paying attention to her children. Once I graduated high school and I wanted the school to Bandung. With heavy hearts, my mother cried off leaving to Bandung, Although at that time my father’s remains was escorted up to Bandung.

In the Age of the college, I lived alone, boarding in one family in Garut. Experience to meet good people like the father of the family boarding house, rooming friends, classmates, lecturers and everyone I meet is the most beautiful gift to the present. Even this second until I was awarded my friends and people who are good, wives, neighbors and surrounding communities.

Until when this memory ends? It’s a shame if these memories alive until the end. But I can not reject it until later in the grave. Beautiful memories, life experiences, and life is now a grace as a human life.

The remaining memory is my current life. Everyday, I still can not breathe, can still see the sun at a time when getting up early, still able to work, walking, driving, cycling, singing, laughing, eating and sleeping. Chatting with family, neighbors, friends and all the people I met. Do I want to dump him just like that, lost, with no imprint at the end of Life? No.

Let us throw away a sense of envy, jealousy, condescending to others. To what boasts a wealth, possessions, kill each other, master the rights and dignity of others, because all it will be in vain. Let us do good to others without distinction, because we are the same. Wealth and position that we can in the world will eventually disappear, they should live is sweet memories and our good.

Congratulations lead the life in the world today, let us be a memory of the millions of human lives in world history. May God be with our life’s journey.

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