LG Electronics Indonesia (LGEIN) entering the 3D world by launching a full LX9500 LED 3DTV in Indonesia in early May. 3DTV the first LED in the world that brings a myriad of features and the latest technology that is claimed to be found in other brands 3DTV. “We are preparing a variety of the latest features and of course some excellent technology of LG which we will include in our 3DTV, like TruMotion 400Hz, 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, local dimming technology, Wireless and many more,” said Eko Adhi Suyitno, Section Product Marketing Head Flat Panel Display, LG Electronics Indonesia issued a statement on Saturday (04/24/2010).

LX9500 Full LED 3DTV appear slim and has a width small frame. Thus creating an optimal view for viewers in to see 3D images without constraints. LX9500 backlight also uses an innovative structure to provide exceptional image. LED lighting by a panel which is located directly behind the screen and serves to generate light produces an image object on the screen.

“LED technology can produce very high contrast ratios, more environmentally friendly, and more power efficient than a regular TV that uses LCD light source CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps),” said Adhi.

Features 400Hz TruMotion Television carried the image serves to reduce cross-talk and produces images that are richer in color, addition, with local dimming technology to control the automatic image LX9500 accurately, so the color is darker and has a wider variation.

3D TV is a next generation Infinia with a thickness of only 22.3mm, and 16mm wide bezzel which allows to generate a broader picture on the TV screen.

LX9500, 3D TV from LG

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