Can not be denied if Android became one stumbling block to the other players operating systems already exist in the market. In fact predicted the Android OS will dominate the smartphone market is strong. A team of financial analysts on Trefis claim to have identified “a strong parallel” between the smartphone market Google’s strategy and campaigns that help Microsoft against Apple’s Windows became the dominant operating system in the PC market.

“Microsoft is enforcing licensing their OS to PC manufacturers and was a success. Google did the same thing on Android and mobile phone maker. This shows that the iPhone market share can not increase as much as we had expected,” a spokesman Trefis explained, as quoted by TG Daily, Sunday (30/05/2010).

“At the end of 1970, Apple launched the Apple II which became one of the most successful computers in homes and schools throughout the 1980s. In the 1990s, the situation changed, and Apple began losing market share because many PCs are starting to switch to Microsoft Windows, “brightness

According to him again one why Android could become dominant in the market for smart phones, Android is compatible with most mobile phone manufacturers like Motorola and HTC do not have their own operating system.
“The first phone based on Android was sold in October of 2008, more than a year after the launch of the iPhone. While initially delayed, Android based phones has exceeded the iPhone in the United States smartphone market. We predict that Android will continue to gain market share and reach about 11 percent at the end of the period, “he said.

Will Android ‘Master’ of World?
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