Two big companies in the industry, Nokia and Yahoo reportedly has agreed to integrate the technology owned by both for a huge project.

Launched via All Things Digital, Monday (5/24/2010), Yahoo will announce this cooperation in the near future, a joint venture that provides a different experience in using online and mobile access to all consumers, and bring a new era for making all consumer internet and mobile phones are connected to each other.

The news about this cooperation has been true since long travels. But only within the near future Nokia and Yahoo dare reveal details about the cooperation referred to them as ‘Project Nike’. Even after the announcement of such cooperation, Nokia will soon implement a new infrastructure, Yahoo Mobile into their handset.

Yahoo breakthrough recently showed its strength in the mobile market, although it has been encrypted-random by Google and Apple. And Nokia has reminded us that they are still the largest in the U.S. smartphone market.

Project Nike, a name derived from the Greek goddess (not the shoe company), can be predicted as a visual upgrade of existing mobile search service, or something big as his own mobile operating systems such as Google Android.

Yahoo and Motorola are likely to have difficulties after receiving the challenge from Google, Apple, HTC, and Motorola’s

Yahoo and Motorola working on Project Nike
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