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Prediction match Spain vs Portugal

The following predictions spain vs portugal game which will run fun. Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz could optimistically be a surprise now meet Spain in round 16 of the 2010 World Cup. According to Queiroz, children care in the best condition to face Spain in Cape Town, South Africa.

Condition fit for Portugal was not an issue that some players get injured. Especially against Spain which have a style of play is similar to Portugal. Hope Portugal in this match is still placed on the shoulders of the captain, Cristiano Ronaldo.

In this fight over unseeded Spanish. But that does not mean Deco and his friends became shrunken guts. Instead, they will show off without a load. Seeing this, Matador team have to be careful and strengthen cooperation of each line if you do not want to return home.

Another great round of 16 match to bring Japan and Paraguay. Japan ready to prove himself as a top Asian group. To tear the goalkeeper of Paraguay, relying on the sharpness of the Blue Samurai Keisuke Honda and Yasuhito Endo who execute good balls of death.

Although the underdog, Paraguay could not sell short the Japanese. Roque Santa Cruz and colleagues will certainly be more careful because the troops in danger Nipon and execute a counterattack dead balls. Japan is proof passage of their opponents rather than haphazardly. Read more

Prediction of the match Brazil-Chile

preview of the match Brazil-Chile and Prediction of the match Brazil-Chile Speed Chilean players make the players of Brazil midfielder, Gilberto Silva, worried. He asked his team to double concentration against Marcelo Bielsa’s teamĀ  at Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg, Monday (06/28/2010).

Indeed Chile can not be underestimated. Since Bielsa, Chile rocketed into one of the South American giant. They were able to finish in second place qualification CONMEBOL zone. They also successfully won six points against Switzerland and Honduras in Group H. In addition, Matiaz Fernandez and his colleagues are also able to trouble the Spanish at the end of the match, despite losing 1-2.

“We must concentrate our multiply against Chile. This is a very different game with a game against Portugal. We have a good record against Chile, but that’s only a matter of time. We must pay attention to them right now,” said Silva.

“We saw them against Spain and they played well. So we must multiply our concentration,” said Silva. Read more

Prediction of the match Netherlands vs Slovakia

Between Preview Netherlands vs Slovakia and Prediction of the match Netherlands vs Slovakia, Stepping into the final round with a perfect score Round 16, 9, the result of three victories, made up of Dutch national team soar up to the seventh heaven. In fact, the striker Robin Van Persie sure, it’s time for the Dutch to win their first World Champion title.

Impressive appearance troops “Der Oranje” above the ground is proven qualified. Applying the attacking and open style of play, defeating Danish Dutch success, Japan and Cameroon, which finished its opponents in Group E. Despite scoring only one goal, role in turn the lives of Van Persie Holland game is vital.

“This is the best team I’ve ever got this far. Level of our game continues to grow every day. Things were good when we first arrived here, but now circumstances have changed so amazing,” he said.

“This is the best chance we have. If you look at the age of our senior players Indeed, most of them aged 25 or 26 years. Four years into the future, players will be aged 30 years, and it’s still good. But it is the future, I feel this is our moment, this is our time, “continued the Arsenal players. Read more

Odd Prediction of the match Argentina vs Mexico

Odd Prediction of the match Argentina vs Mexico was indeed very exciting to be discussed, Argentina is our favorite to win the World Cup even if England win, you can see what we think will happen in the next round and you can also see who we think will win today match argentina vs mexico .
Non-eminent status not discourage against Argentine coach of Mexico Javier Aguirre. He believes his team can reverse the predictions with “Tim Tango” in the Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, Sunday (27/06/2010).

Match Details

  • Venue: Soccer City, Johannesburg
  • Date: Sunday, 27 June 2010
  • Kick-off: 8.30pm

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