World Cup 2010 last 16: Uruguay vs South Korea The winner of this match will play Ghana or the United States. The winner of this match, much like the winner of the other match, will think they have a very good chance of making the semi-finals and nobody is wrong. This really does offer up a fantastic opportunity for whoever does wins and you can be assured that the match will be one of the most entertaining of the World Cup so far, because both teams will know that they have to attack – they can not win, sitting back.

16th great duel between the Uruguay round of fight against the South Korean star will be determined by both teams, namely Diego Forlan and Ji-Sung Park. Both will have a major influence to bring their team into the quarter-finals.

As a striker, Diego Forlan sharpness taste no doubt. Two big Spanish club, Villarreal and Atletico Madrid, feeling very well how sharp instincts Forlan scored. For three years defending Villarreal, Forlan scored 54 goals in a successful 104 performances. Then at Atletico, 31-year-old striker was able to break into the opposing goal as much as 66 times from 102 matches.

Not quite up there, are two awards “Golden Boot”, which is an appreciation for UEFA top scorer in European league also has he got. And no wonder, the label as one of the world’s sharpest striker now he clothing.

At this time the World Cup, has also been demonstrated Forlan sharp. Against host South Africa, nesting success Forlan scored two goals to the goal “Bafana Bafana”. However, Forlan remains modest, “The most important thing golku not two, but that we had won. This is a victory for the team,” said Forlan after defeating South Africa, 17 June.

On the other hand, Park Ji-Sung also not be underestimated. It’s no doubt about it, Park was a symbol of Asian football. Not only the South Korean people are proud of him, but also the entire Asian population. Park is not like a sharp striker Forlan as he is only a position as a midfielder.

But herein lies the greatness Park. He often times his team broke the deadlock when the striker was unable to break into the opposing goal. This has been when he showed against the Greeks, June 12 last. South Korean striker Park Chu-Young, unable to do much to jeopardize the defense of Greece. Park then came the second line and managed to double the advantage “Asian Tigers” became 2-0.

Now the entire community hopes South Korea will be in the shoulder Park. Can he win a duel against Forlan in Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Saturday (26/06/2010)? We’ll wait.

Match predictions Uruguay vs South Korea World Cup 2010 Last 16

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