Odd Prediction of the match Argentina vs Mexico was indeed very exciting to be discussed, Argentina is our favorite to win the World Cup even if England win, you can see what we think will happen in the next round and you can also see who we think will win today match argentina vs mexico .
Non-eminent status not discourage against Argentine coach of Mexico Javier Aguirre. He believes his team can reverse the predictions with “Tim Tango” in the Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, Sunday (27/06/2010).

Match Details

  • Venue: Soccer City, Johannesburg
  • Date: Sunday, 27 June 2010
  • Kick-off: 8.30pm


Our favourites and not just because of Messi or Mad Maradona. As a team, they just play some fantastic football and more importantly, they want to play beautiful football and when you’ve got the players that can do it, it just makes it easier.

These players also don’t come around all the time and when they do, it is usually something special to watch and what we have seen from Argentina has been special so far.

They might not have had the most difficult group but you can only beat the teams put in front of you and they were one of only two teams to get a maximum nine points from the group stage (Netherlands were the other team).


We were impressed with Mexico to begin and when the beat France we looked up and took notice, but then they lost to Uruguay and we lose a bit of the belief that maybe the could surprise a few. Don’t get us wrong, we are not writing off Mexico but for them to beat Argentina is going to take something special and we are not convinced they are going to have what it takes.

Rafael Marquez and his colleagues considered not in line with Argentina.  Mexico is not the opponent who could stem the ambition Lionel Messi and his friends to move into quarter-finals. This is because it looks impressive “Albiceleste” during the group stage, while Mexico’s mediocre play in Group A. So it’s no wonder “El Tri” less favored. “Nobody would have bet money with our name. Their analysis said that we would fall. We’ll see,” said Aguirre.

He believes the players able to trouble the defense “Alibiceleste”. “I think nothing is favored Mexico. They do not believe we have a chance to win. We’ll see after 1990 if we can change history.” Four years ago, the two also met in the World Cup in Germany. When it was Carlos Tevez and his friends win 2-1 over the period of extension of time in round 16. “Argentina won the four years ago. We must be calm and to improve our stats against them,” said Aguirre.

Odd Prediction of the match Argentina vs Mexico

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