Prediction Germany vs. Argentina, Germany will definitely win against Argentina with a composition of German players that the average young, Although the young players and poor experience, Juergen Klinsmann has high confidence that Germany defeated Argentina in the quarter-finals, Saturday (03/07/2010).

At the World Cup this time, “Der Panzer” appear surprising with young players like Thomas Mueller (20), Lukas Podolski (25), Mesut Ozil (21), and Bastian Schweinsteiger (25). Philipp Lahm and his appearance-parthner could not consistently in the play offs then.

After the slaughter of Australia 4-0 in the first game, the troops instead Joachim Loew is putty in the hands of Serbia 0-1 in the next game. However, the defeat was just an injection of enthusiasm for the Germany invincible in the next game. The proudest, Germany managed to embarrass the star-studded team, England 4-1, in the final perdelapan.

Klinsmann admitted his team was proud of the achievement. He also believed, Germany could reach the semis.

“We are delighted with the achievements of Germany. They did a good job so far. They are little barriers against Serbia in the preliminary round. However, they rose again and we were happy because they beat England,” he said.

“We’ll see what they did against Argentina, and how far this team will go. They may have little experience and will fight the best players in the world. This will be a benchmark for them,” he concluded.

Prediction Germany vs. Argentina

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