Many people to write about reliable prediction of Argentina vs. Germany and Odd Prediction Argentina vs Germany The match Argentina-Germany, Cape Town, 3 July. Germany football legend Franz Beckenbauer warned the German national team not to underestimate the knowledge of Argentina’s soccer coach Diego Maradona. Beckenbauer said there was no single reason for being like that of Maradona.

Until this time, Beckenbauer was the last person who ever lifted the World Cup both as player and coach, but he believed, Maradona could follow in his footsteps. “Der Kaizer” even admitted to not be surprised when the squad “Albiceleste” won the 2010 World Cup.

“You can never underestimate Maradona. He is a fantastic player and no one who had just askĀ  soccer knowledge. The Argentine players have been ready to walk with Maradona,” said Beckenbauer, the wise.

Facing Argentina in the quarterfinal game, tonight, Beckenbauer warned squad “Der Panzer” to oversee the movement of star players “El Pelusa” Lionel Messi. who are hunting top scorer

“It’s important to keep Messi during the game running. Inter Milan beat Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final, and they have shown it is very possible. We need to imitate it, Messi isolate and did not give him much time to play ball. This is the task of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Sami Khedira, “said Beckenbauer.

“This game may be referred to as the hardest throughout the tournament. But if we could, then I think the dream will be fulfilled to be World Champion again,” the lid.

Reliable prediction of Argentina vs. Germany

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