Brazil break into the Dutch goal in the 10th minute when Robinho ripped nets Maarten Stekelenburg. Felipe Melo breakthrough bait from the middle sector Robinho easily accepted, which preceded the Dutch defender, before shoot ball. Brazil 1-0 in the match at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, Friday (2/7/10). Both teams fight over tickets to the semis.
Brazilian versus the Dutch party tonight may be the most historic games and will not be passed back, Tupamahu Leonard. Section, two teams that will fight this is the team champion at the 2010 World Cup.

But this time, the player who is familiarly called Leo was choosing to give support to the “Orange Team” Dutch. “Brazil is definitely a good team and many supporters, so I chose the Netherlands alone,” Leo said in Jakarta. Friday (02/06/2010).

Still, he admits that remains difficult to predict who would win in a quarterfinal match that took place in Port Elizabeth Stadium, Friday night. “Regarding opportunities, I think it was a fifty-fifty. Brazil was a great team, but the Netherlands also played with spirit, though not all the star players,” he said.

According to him, this game will be tough, not even a possibility must be determined by penalty kicks. The reason is, this life-death party. “So, the Dutch would play all out,” he explained.

Players who claim to have become loyal fans of the Netherlands since recently also thinks the game Arjen Robben et much better. It is seen from the results in some previous matches. He also believes the World Cup 2010 is a timely moment to skim the nickname “Champion Without a degree” that are often embedded in the body of the Dutch squad.

“The game is now different from the Netherlands ever. In some allowance or 16 big game, the Netherlands was less significant. Maybe to save power as a preparation against a great team like Brazil, let alone almost all Brazilian players are star players,” said the player who has high 1.79 meters.

Result Live Netherlands vs Brazil

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