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Download Film Dokumenter G30S PKI

Hari ini tepat 30 September sebagai salah satu tanggal bersejarah gerakan PKI (partai Komunis Indonesia), Film Dokumenter G 30 S / PKI yang sempat sangat booming di era orde baru adalah Film yang menceritakan tentang kekejaman PKI dalam pembunuhan sejumlah Jendral dan perwira tinggi TNI. Banyak masyarakat yang juga telah melihat dan men Download Film G 30 S / PKI sebagai koleksi Film sejarah bangsa Indonesia. Namun dibalik itu, Film G 30 S / PKI yang telah beredar, baik dari versi kaset Video, VCD atau versi download gratis, menyisahkan kontroversi yang belum bisa terjawab dengan tuntas hingga sekarang. PKI yang disebut2 paling bertanggung jawab dalam serangkaian pembunuhan dan penculikan Jendral dalam Film tersebut masih harus dipertanyakan lebih lanjut. Hal tersebut terkait dengan tidak adanya naskah teks Supersemar ( Surat perintah sebelas Maret ) yang asli di dokumen negara. Read more

Know virus stuxnet

Stuxnet is a masterpiece and a fearsome prototype of cyber-weapons that led to the creation of a new arms race in the world,” said Kaspersky Labs in a statement. Here are some details about Stuxnet:

How Stuxnet Work?

* Viruses are malicious software, or malware, which generally attack the industrial control system made by German company Siemens. Experts say the virus could be used to spy or sabotage.
* Siemens said the malware spread via a USB thumb drive storage device that is infected, take advantage of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Corp’s Windows operating system. Read more

New Threats Virus Stuxnet Cyber terrorism

News about the virus continues to be the talk Stuxnet serious. Indeed, malware is not new. Last year, the virus attacked computer network called Conflicker that uses smart techniques to avoid disinfection. Could there Stuxnet Anti Virus

The virus, called Stuxnet have different levels of sophistication with these other viruses, according to the researchers may be made by an organization that dsokong by the government of the United States and Israel. Read more

alternative learning math quickly and easily with online tutoring

Many students leave school when feeling cranky because a lot of work crammed with a variety of home? One of the students is the fear of maths. If a few we do not follow the exact lesson, then onwards we will be left behind these lessons, so that needed solving Math help.

Mathematics lesson itself also has some parts of lessons. Memorize the basic math course, already outside the brain. Calculate, divide, multiplication, subtraction is a basic part of mathematics that must be under our control and you must have already mastered. But what if the material is already stepping on math lessons algebra lessons? may be said still easy. But what if it goes already requires us to master the calculus? the possibility of our head so bald because of the difficulty in solving these problems. Math problems or Fast mathematical formula is not new. In the history of mathematics was noted that the community was quick to idolize mathematical formulas. At that instant formulas are not viewed as heretical formula. Any formula quickly mastered the mathematicians themselves. Read more