simplicity of online learning geometry

Geometry is a part of mathematics that discussed the point, area and space. Is the rotation angle between two straight lines; space is the set of points that could form the wake geometry, the line is a subset of the space, which owns the set of points which have special properties; fields are sets of points situated on a flat surface, such as tabletops.

There are several systems known geometry of Euclid’s geometry-geometry theory. Named because the presence of Euclid’s theory does not agree with one of the concept of Euclidean geometry. The concept is the alignment that includes Netrla geometry, Lobachevsky geometry, and geometry Reimman.

The first stage children learn geometry is topological. They do not know the distance, graduation and others, because it began to study geometry in order not to start with a straight, but with a curved, for example a closed arch, open arch arch area, and other simple arch. if I browse, it turns out there are still many people who often had difficulty in solving Geometry help, necessitating a special guide to solve the problem of geometry.

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