Store D’jieun Tjokelat which is located at Jalan Oto Iskandardinata No. 2 held a grand opening yesterday. Vice Regent of Garut Diky Rani Chandra and his wife Jewel officially opened the shop that makes it different lunkhead.

In this grand opening, D’jieun Tjokelat offer a variety of chocolates that dikreasikan with traditional Sundanese dishes. Call it the chocolate content of dodol or called chocodot, Brown brown contents lunkhead (brodol), brown sheep arrowroot (cogar), chocolate coffee beans contents (kopicok), chocolate dipped ranginang (rangicok) and chocolate pizza lunkhead (zadol) and others.

These products, packaged in a variety of models.
Store Manager Kiki D’jieun Tjokelat Gumelar said that D’jieun Store Tjokelat an obsession browning of Garut district without compromising the value of Sundanese culture, including packaging produces a chocolate with five mountains surrounding the city of Garut. “This is my one year journey to develop brown,” he explained.

He began his career in 2009 and, with capitalize USD 32 million and only trade with only one stall in the area of Jalan Babakan Selaawi Cipanas, trade Chocodot which indeed sounds strange in the eyes of society Garut. However, due to the high spirit and soul is not never give up his efforts finally paid off with getting a variety of awards both locally and nationally.

“Thank God, I travel a year have gained a few awards like Garut Award, National Award SME 2010 Category Food Product Innovation and raw materials from the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, and often invited to be speakers at the national level,” he added.
Vice Regent of Garut Diky appreciate Kiki Chandra in his speech.

He hoped, a variety of creative products and innovations that successfully rolled out the product owner Chocodot it can provide inspiration for the citizens of other Garut. “I believe very many doors of success in other fields which if mixed with creativity and innovation can produce maximum results, as well as product owner Chocodot Kiki,” he said.

He believes, with the ability to dynamically collaborate with different ethnic food products with modern culinary creativity in a variety of packaged chocolate products, could support the development and progress of tourism industry in Garut regency

Chocolate with Content Dodol

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