Islamic Network Anti-Discrimination (JIAD) East Java request for granting the title hero is done by selectively not random. Included should be the study of neighbor Act No 20 of 2009 concerning degree, service marks, and Mark of Honor.

“We agree with colleagues who performed for Judicial Review Act related to number 20 in 2009 to the Constitutional Court (MK),” said Aan Anshori, Coordinator Presedium JIAD East Java, to Okezone, Sunday (24/10/2010).

She says, granting a degree of heroism must consider many things. While former President Suharto unfit for the title hero. According to him, a former president is not necessarily directly get the title hero. Moreover, has the fundamental flaw in the history of enforcement of Human Rights (HAM) in Indonesia.

if the government is determined to give his hero to former president Soeharto, then it will drop the integrity of the Indonesian nation in the eyes of the world. Because by the United Nations (UN), former president Soeharto set as asset-people.

“It khan funny, how could anyone who has been designated as asset-the people by the UN, then set as the hero?,” Said Aan. “Suharto is set on top of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos as the greatest asset-people. But Marcos had time to return the results garongannya, but Suharto mengembalikn not, why even given the title of hero,” he added.

If they gave the title of hero is to the spirit of historical reconciliation, the government should ask the family of 3 million people who were slaughtered for no reason just because it is considered the PKI.

However, JIAD agree if the title as the father of development remain attached to the former President Soeharto. According to him, very fair, if in the era of Soeharto’s government rebuild the country. And that, he says, is a fair price for former President Suharto.

Hero title to former President Soeharto
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