Apple predicted would harass Nokia in its own backyard. This was after the release of 4 versions unlocked iPhone in the mobile market of Finland, where Nokia originated.

I wonder what Apple chose background freefall in a country which is identical to Nokia’s. It could be, this is company-specific strategy was made by Steve Jobs to demolish the Nokia in the ‘nest’ own.

Thus, the Finnish mobile phone users can buy the iPhone 4 without bond contract must be charged as normal data packets used in Apple when it sells its products in other countries.

Indeed, the selling price at first glance seem to be more expensive than if the handset is sold under bundling system. However, users can be more free in choosing a carrier service that they want. No longer be forced to use the service operator who became an official partner Apple.

Quoted from Softpedia, Tuesday (05/10/2010), in a retailers in Finland, the iPhone sold at 589 euros for 16 GB version. As for the 32 GB version is set in the price of 689 euros.

Apple does not provide opportunities for all countries officially tasted the iPhone 4. Those who have been selected among the United States, China, Israel, Turkey, Romania, and the latest Malaysia.

Well, despite the early days of the iPhone 4 was rocked by the issue of antenna problems, but the action of the iPhone 4 in the mobile market did not seem too affected by the news that minor. The proof, there are still many people who are willing to queue for hours to get a touch screen smartphones these.

iPhones 4 Unlocked
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