Tired of the sights that’s it? Get ready for a Russian company was to design a space hotel. Orbital Technology, a company headquartered in Moscow, this weekend, told the Daily Mail, hoping to take advantage of business opportunities in the field of space tourism.
the company plans to build the Commercial Space Station that provides tourism services for travelers from the class ‘jet set’ and the place of vacation for the International Space Station officer and the workers or scientists working in space.

Indeed, it seems an ambitious project would not materialize in the near future. The company plans to launch a new space station that consists of seven rooms in 2016, but the plan may be developed or reduced depending on customer demand.

In addition there is one problem. RKK Energia, the Russian government-owned company which was appointed as contractor to build the station, not yet clear whether they have sufficient funds to run the project.

Energia previously built Soyuz capsules for the crew, Russian space flight missions, and the cargo ship ‘Progress’ is used to deliver crew and supplies space for the International Space Station.

Sergey Kostenko, chief executive of Orbital Technology, said the space station they plan it would be ‘comfortable hotel that is in orbit, designed specifically for tourists. ”

“It would be more comfortable than the International Space Station because there is no scientific equipment that is not necessary,” added Kostenko.

Until now the tourist space, which consists of a handful of super rich people and crazy adventures, had to swallow insults and jostling with the astronauts or cosmonauts to be able to tour the International Space Station. They also have to float with caution so as not to damage the research tools in there.

Meanwhile, station design space tourism continues to be built and some sketches have been released by Orbital Technologies looks like the International Space Station. Orbital Technologies did not disclose the cost of the project.

During this space tourists who visit the space station are trained in Russia and shipped within Russia’s Soyuz capsule, though the trip was managed by a company based in Virginia, USA.

Canadian Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte who spent 12 days in space in September 2009 is the latest space tourist who went to the space station. Russia apparently h stop space tourism this year because of the increasing number of crew.

The food at the station which is being built that will be tailored to customer demand, said Kostenko, and program managers that are thinking to hire celebrity chefs to cook before it is sent into space.

Upcoming Space Hotel
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