Full Download Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0 now available for download to the public from nokia. What major changes that were presented the Nokia on the latest software version of this? Quoted from Nokia Beta Labs, Sunday (28/11/2010), there are two major changes in this latest generation Ovi Suite.

First, users would get a new home screen. This new display allows users to view the latest data updates between PC and Nokia handsets. Another change is the change in music player, which now allows users to directly download music they want from the Ovi Music. In this change, users can view or listen to a preview first.

For information, the Nokia Ovi Suite is a device that serves to synchronize the PC With the ever Nokia mobile phone online. Ovi Suite can also be used to transfer music, sharing photos or videos, and backup content securely, from our Nokia handsets.

Here are some new look Ovi Suite 3.0 :

* Display new homescreen.
* Access and synchronization are much faster.
* Viewing recommended apikasi and games from Ovi Store.
* Viewing music recommendations from Ovi Music.
* Drag and Drop direct to mobile phones
* The installation process is faster.

Click here to download : http://dedekurniadi.com/go/Download-Nokia-Ovi-Suite-3.0/

Download Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0
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