Hewlett Packard (HP) today launched the first printer that uses Eprint technology, namely e-HP PhotoSmart All-in-One B110a.

Eprint technology implemented by HP allows users to print from the e-mail from anywhere to any printer that has the ability Eprint, through the HP platform Eprint. It also save documents in the cloud and print them when needed, makes the printer printing private for personal content, and managing content and documents efficiently on the HP website ePrintCentre

“HP PhotoSmart e-All-in-One can print via gadgets B110a (IPAD, iPhone, etc..) Whatsoever, provided that the gadget is connected to the Internet / e-mail, whether it be through the network / cable or wireless,” said Alia Ochtara Goddess, marketing-development manager, Inkjet Web Solution, Imaging Printing Group, Hewlett Packard Indonesia, at the launch of this product in JCC on Friday (11/05/2010).

E-Printer PhotoSmart All-in-One B110a connect with cloud without using a PC, so that it can be used to access Google Docs, Photos and Calendar. Also available a variety of applications that have been developed by partners such as Disney’s Eprint, Web Sudoku, Quick Forms, Dream Works, Crayola, Picasa, and others.

“Printers with Eprint technology would redefine how we scored. Eprint not only would eliminate the dependence on the cable and drivers, but also makes the printer platform-independent device that can print from netbooks now, iPad or Blackberry from anywhere,” said Loreine Panambunan, PR & Marketing Communication Manager, Imaging and Printing Group, HP Indonesia.

HP Phtosmart e-All-in-One B110a able to print lab-quality photos, documents or images via the HP TouchSmart touch-screen measuring 2.4 inches. By Phtosmart e-All-in-One, web content such as forms, greeting cards, games, calendars, recipes, crafts or news can be printed without using a PC.

All Eprint device has an e-mail that allows users to send print as easy as sending an email to your home or office. Some types of documents that can be emailed and printed is Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and JPEG images.

“To avoid the fraudulent acts of the people who are not responsible, this printer can also create a ‘white-list’ which addresses restrictions on e-mail that can print on that device,” said Alia Goddess.

Alia Ochtara Goddard also said that to print the images on this printer, the device is a gadget that is not owned by the need to install its driver, just enough to send the file to be printed to your e-mail address of the printer that has been auto-generated.

“The gadget would not be Necessary if you want to print on printer HP PhotoSmart e-All-in-One B110a, with distance can,” added Goddard Alia.

e-HP PhotoSmart All-in-One B110a
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