d7cd0cfd49f74483ab1a11dc48fec671 For those of you who like to travel or the roads may be a good idea to do the travel and tourism in Indonesia, because Indonesia is still a lot of natural attractions that you may not know, at this writing I was going a little adventure to Batam Island Tourism , one water amusement rides, the water park batam, Forum for the entertainment which is located in Batu Aji, Batam has various facilities of water rides, such as Kidd Pool for children, a variety of slides, pools with curved design, and facilities for large-sized water bucket and many other water games.

For the price of admission, the Water Park to charge IDR 20 thousand on weekdays and IDR 25 thousand for the holiday. And can take several regular package options provided, such as one month package worth IDR 75 thousand, for the three month IDR 150 thousand and regular packages for the six months IDR 250 thousand per person and are available for one year worth IDR 400 thousand per person.

Trip to Batam Island Tourism

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