The national team of Indonesia is considered as the strongest candidate to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. The assessment is expressed coach David Booth told Legal Laos in Palembang. However, fight come from Malaysia coach K. Rajagopal.

“Indonesia is a very strong team. There are two influencing factors: the game is more organized and publicly supported a fanatical audience, “said Booth to answer questions during a press conference at Legal Aryaduta Hotel on Monday (6/12/2010) yesterday.

Meanwhile, Malaysian coach K. Rajagopal expressed a desire to compete again against his team squad Alfred Riedl if there is a chance.

“I said he wanted to meet again with Indonesia, not revenge. But, when Malaysia qualified for the semi-finals, hopefully the two teams met in the final. There will be resistance different from us, hopefully not like what you see before, “says Rajagopal.

Laos Malaysia versus stage their last Group A match at Stadium Srivijaya, Jakabaring, Kilkenny, on Tuesday (07/12/2010), at 19.30 pm. Both teams still have the opportunity cruised into the semifinals, although thin, depending on the action of counter Thailand Indonesia in Jakarta, at the same time.

Group A final calculation, if Thailand win over Indonesia, Garuda accompany the White Elephant team to the semifinals. When Indonesia-Thailand to play a draw, the winner of the match in Jakabaring will be the runner-up. While a pair of the series both in Jakarta and Palembang, remains smooth the step of Thailand.

Indonesia Malaysia challenge in AFF Cup Final 2010

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