Specifications iPad 2 has been much talked about, even had a lot of bloggers and analysis that has been estimate. Some people estimate that iPad 2 will have a front camera which will support the facility FaceTime. With the two cameras, the iPad 2 can run FaceTime features like the iPhone. Estimates that iPad 2 will have a front camera is supported by the presence of space that allows for a camera to be mounted on the front of the first generation iPad. IPad memory model 2 predicted the same as its predecessor, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB with an estimated ipad 2 price of between $ 499 and $ 829.

Month April 2011 iPad two are expected to have been present to the market. This estimate is based on an analysis of Gleacher & Co. researchers. Cycle launch of Apple’s device in the last three years show that in June or July, Apple is launching its new product. According to Marshall, April is the right time for iPad 2 for release. Estimated iPad release in April next year is based on estimates that he sebelumnbya CDMA iPhone that will be launched in March. The launch of these two Apple devices will be very closely linked.

Apple reportedly managed to sell about 7.5 million units iPad until the end of September of 2010. Until the end of the year, an estimated 6 million more this Apple tablet device will be sold, bringing the total 13.5 million devices sold in 2010 iPad.

iPad 2 Specifications and Price
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