Best Choice IBM System x3200M3-C1A Living the current economic conditions, of course you want the information technology devices that are reliable and economical. Choose the server equipment carefully and wisely. Moreover, today’s use of servers has become commonplace for businesses.

IBM System x offers a variety of Intel and AMD server model with a starting level from 1 to 2 processors, both models of the tower or rack-mounted servers. For this type of high-end servers, also offers servers with Intel Xeon 4 processor capabilities Six-Core or Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, as well as servers with capacity up to 16 Intel Xeon Six-Core. Really it makes you free to choose the server that is suitable for your business.

IBM System x is equipped with features PFA / Predictive Failure Analysis, namely early detection facility for vital component in the server, such as processor, hard drive, memory, fan, power supply, and others. IBM System x also features the IBM Systems Director management software free from IBM to facilitate the existing server settings and features of the IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager ™ to determine the actual power consumption and an overview of the use of electricity in general. IBM Warranty includes parts, labor, and limited onsite.

The x3200 M3 supports the latest Intel® Xeon® quad-core and Celeron®, Pentium® and Core™ i3 dual-core processors for exceptional performance. Because your organization must manage growing volumes of data while maintaining high performance, the x3200 M3 offers vast memory capacity and disk storage.

* Easy installation and management with a rich set of options for hard disk drives and memory.
* Efficient design to help you save energy and provide a better work environment with less heat and noise.
* Proven IBM platform tested and certified for quality and reliability.
* Superior serviceability and manageability with features such as the Virtual Media Key, TPM 1.2 and Integrated Management Module (IMM) to meet the needs of today’s complex desk-side environment.
* Economical price point and total cost of ownership.

* OS Support : Microsoft Windows Server 2008 32/64-bit, Windows Small Business Server 2008 64-bit, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 & R2 32/64-bit, RHEL 4/5 32/64-bit with and without Xen, Red Hat 5 Workstation 64-bit, SLES 10/11 32/64-bit with and without Xen, VMware 4/4i

Price and Specification IBM System x3200M3-C1A
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