Findings “script circle” called footprint plane space beings (UFO) in rice fields Jogotirto Village, Berbah District, Sleman District, Yogyakarta Special Region, on Sunday morning (23 / 1) is probably the single artwork that is done a group of people.

“It may be that this is a work of installation art, because such a pattern is not very difficult to be made by those who have been accustomed to,” said Anton Asmonodento, visitors who are also artists, as witnessed this phenomenon on Monday.

According to residents acoustic guitar performers Bull, Kaliurang this, such a pattern could have previously been made diagram first. then worked together to finish quickly.

“If you think the recognition of residents who had not heard there was something strange before the discovery, may be players that work by stealth. As for the diagram of each section was done in groups,” he said.

In contrast, Hendy Bagya even admire strange findings in these rice fields and claimed impossible done by somebody in an instant.

“The information is this trail suddenly appeared and no previous signs, so this is very strange and I was also impressed. But I do not know if this is true trail UFO or not, I do not ever learn about UFOs before,” he said.

Until this news was revealed, the location where it was visited by a strange trail of hundreds of citizens who want to witness this unusual phenomenon.

“I heard the story of a friend if there are these strange findings so I came straight here to make sure and I think this finding is quite strange, but I do not know exactly if this is the trace of the UFO or not,” said Suparjono, residents Sorogenen, Kalasan, Sleman .

Several members of the Police Berbah also seen on guard at the former location of the alleged landing of aircraft “Unidentified Flying Object” (UFO) is.

Police have now set up border police to secure the site from being damaged because of growing number of citizens who come to see it.

“We deliberately set it to keep the site from being damaged until later any authorized officer who came and secure,” said Aiptu Junarto.

Members of this Berbah police said, because the site is agricultural land that is almost harvest then the police have to guard it so that visitors do not trample the rice in the vicinity of the rare findings.

“Poor owners when it comes to damaged crops and crop failure,” said Junarto.

UFO trail in Indonesia Works of Art?
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