Daihatsu, a subsidiary of Japanese automakers, Toyota, will begin to produce lower-priced cars in Indonesia in 2013 to be sold in Southeast Asia, according to a business newspaper, reported Wednesday. More indicative of his expertise in producing a tiny car, Daihatsu plans to develop fuel-efficient vehicles in Indonesia and put 70 percent of its production to dijulan under the Toyota brand, the Nikkei newspaper reported without mentioning the source.

The most expensive sold 900 thousand yen (10,750 U.S. dollars. about Rp96 million) – the cheapest Toyota car in the global market.

This new vehicle will be slightly smaller than Etios, strategic small sedan that was launched in India last year’s Toyota.

Daihatsu which has factories in Jakarta capable of assembling 280 thousand vehicles per year it plans to spend 20 million yen to build a new plant which will have initial annual capacity of 100 thousand units, according to Nikkei.

Toyota and Daihatsu is a manufacturer of automotive best of first and second in Indonesia, and over 53 percent market share, connect the Nikkei said.

Last month Daihatsu announced they will appeal the European market in the next two years because of losses.

Cheap Car Toyota Production Year 2013

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