DetiInet : For those of you who like to play playstation, playstation games can now be enjoyed on the cell phone, because Sony Erricson has issued a new cell phone with extra features playstation. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has been exhibited in Indonesia, in the event of the International Communication Expo and Conference 2011, held at Jakarta Convention Center, Thursday (06/09/2011). Handset nicknamed ‘PlayStation Phone’ is planned to be marketed in the country in July.

As a phone aimed at gaming enthusiasts, this phone form allows players to control game play on screen. The most obvious, Xperia Play has a gamepad like the PlayStation controller.

Equipped with a variety of special games, the phone is expected to deliver a breakthrough in the world Android phones that have been packed with various types of mobile phones. When detikINET try it, the phone is quite satisfactory performance when used for playing games.

PlayStation Cell Phone

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