With the increasing variety and sophistication of consumer needs, it also required that phones getting smarter and smarter. Samsung fulfill all these technologies and bring you to a current user experience on your mobile. So there are options for you, whether Android, bada, Windows Mobile or other operating system, Samsung smartphones fulfill all your desires.

Samsung Galaxy Series
Enjoy the performance of a fast and flexible mobile phone with Android operating system. The transition was so smooth and responsive menu combined various kinds of applications that can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Samsung Wave
Samsung Wave is the first Samsung smartphone that uses the operating system bada. With the ranks of Wave series, Samsung start building ecosystems that support these platforms, including Samsung Apps.

Samsung Omnia
Samsung Omnia is everything you want in a phone. Equipped with Windows Mobile as the operating system, Omnia complement of features and capabilities that make it a premium phone.

Samsung SmartPhone

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