COBIT is a methodology that provides the basic framework in creating an IT organization that suits your needs. COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology)goal is to provide a basic model that allows the development of clear rules and good practice in controlling information within an organization / company in achieving its goals. COBIT is a framework for building an IT Governance. With reference to the COBIT framework, an organization should be able to implement IT governance in achieving its objectives. IT governance integrates optimal ways of planning and organizing, implementation, support and performance monitoring of IT processes. COBIT framework consists of 34 high-level control objective, in which each IT processes grouped into four major domains, namely:

  1. Planning and Organization: includes strategies and tactics relating to the identification of how IT can best contribute to the achievement of business objectives organizations that formed a good organization with good technology infrastructure as well.
  2. Acquisition and Implementation: identification of IT solutions and then implemented and integrated in business processes to realize the IT strategy.
  3. Delivery and Support: Domain-related service delivery desirable, which consists of operations on system security and business continuity aspects to training provision.
  4. Monitoring: All IT processes need to be assessed regularly and periodically how the quality and compliance with control requirements.

The reason why this framework was chosen because:

  1. Having a benchmark and control in accordance with the characteristics of IT PT in determining the level of success in implementing IT Governance.
  2. TOGAF is recommended in the document as a tool for implementing IT Governance.
Did you know about COBIT?
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