Trends in social media in Indonesia is currently in desperate need of a quick and accurate measurements, so that a company wants to introduce brands and products quickly requires precise measurement services, said Chairman of Frontier Consulting Group, Handi Irawan.

Handi put it in the discussion and recognition that it has acquired the shares of Frontier Mediawave (corporate social media measurement software), in Jakarta, yesterday.

According to Handi, many Indonesian companies are still hesitant to invest in social media because of the difficulty to perform measurements. “In fact, nowadays almost all the leading companies in the world are already using ‘social media measurement’,” he said.

Social media measurement constraints in Indonesia, he said, in terms of language. Prior to the Mediawave, no vendors ‘social media monitoring’ which could make the measurement of social media in the Indonesian language.

Fundamental measurements such as “positive, neutral or negative mentions” captures all the conversation conducted with consumers in social media, such as Facebook and Twitter as well as other media such as news portals, video, photos and others in Indonesia.

“Measurements were made continuously so that companies are able to track the movement of the rise and fall of the power of a brand. More importantly, the measurements done in ‘real time’ so that the information is always current,” he said.

Handi asserted, for Indonesia, which has a Facebook user by 38 million people as of July 2011 (number 2 in the world) and Twitter about 10 million people (number 5 in the world), then social media will accelerate the change of a brand or company image.

“The greatness of social media is the ability of customers who were actively involved in creating content, so the company will have the opportunity to further engage customers and invites customers to ‘active endorser’ or called ‘earned media’,” he said.

Handi added, for CEOs, the message is clear. Companies must build a culture to become more open and closer to its customers. Social media will make the company more transparent and easily monitored.

“Global companies of the world have started realizing the power of social media to build their corporate image,” he said. (*)

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