Based on survey results from various sources obtained three most commonly used framework is the Zachman, TOGAF and products the organization itself. Here is the comparison between two kinds of frameworks that are often used

Excellence Zachman Framework:
1. Is the de-facto standard for classifying artifacts Enterprise architecture
2. Logical structure for the analysis and presentation of artifacts from a management perspective
3. Describes in parallel both in terms of engineering that is very understandable and construction paradigm
4. Known widely as a management tool for check the completeness and maturity level of architecture

Disadvantages Zachman Framework:
1. There is no process for the implementation phase
2. Difficult to implement the overall
3. There are no examples or checklist that is ready in full
4. Expansion of coverage of cells is not clear

TOGAF advantages:
1. Focus on implementation cycle (ADM) and the process
2. Rich in technical areas of architecture
3. Resource base provides a wealth of reference material

TOGAF Disadvantages:
1. Three top layer still needs to be strengthened
2. There is no standard templates for the entire domain (for example, to create a block diagram)
3. No artifacts that can be reused (ready made)

Zachman vs TOGAF
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