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Mikrotik Configuration as Bridging

Bridge is a way to connect two separate network segments together in a protocol itself. Packets are forwarded based on the Ethernet address, not the IP address (such as routers). Because the packet forwarding done at Layer 2, all protocols can be via a bridge.
So the analogy is like this, you have a local network gateway to an ADSL modem router with a reply as well as local ip and public ip 2xx.1xx.2xx.2x.
You want to create a proxy server and Mikrotik as a Bandwidth management for all clients. Well want to put the location for the Mikrotik PC? Among the hub / switch and the gateway / modem? Do not be like him as a NAT and we must add a block of private io again different from the gateway modem?

Mikrotik solution set as a bridging, so seolah2 he only bridge between UTP cabling only. Topology as follows:


To configure your wireless bridging can see this article How to Setting Mikrotik Wireless Bridge

Konfigurasi VPN Server di Mikrotik

Bagi anda yang ingin membuat vpn server dengan menggunakan mikrotik router OS berikut ini konfigurasi cara membuat VPN Server di Mikrotik :

  1. Login ke Mikrotik melalui utility Winbox kesayangan anda.
  2. Klik Menu “PPP” => Point to Point Protocol.
  3. Klik Tab “Interfaces” seperti gambar di samping.
  4. Klik Menu Add  “PPTP Server” => Point to Point Tuneling Protocol.
  5. Berikan Nama untuk Interface baru ini, misalnya : vpnserver
  6. Lalu berikan nama User, misalnya : vpnku
  7. Lalu Klik Tab “Secret”, berikan name : vpnku
  8. Checkmark Password, isikan : vpnku
  9. Masukkan Local Address, misalnya :
  10. Masukkan Remote Address, misalnya :
  11. Selanjutnya Klik “PPTP Server”, Checkmark “Enable”.
  12. Checkmark juga “MSCHAP1” dan “MSCHAP1”.
  13. VPN Server sudah siap digunakan.

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