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Indonesia Malaysia challenge in AFF Cup Final 2010

The national team of Indonesia is considered as the strongest candidate to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. The assessment is expressed coach David Booth told Legal Laos in Palembang. However, fight come from Malaysia coach K. Rajagopal.

“Indonesia is a very strong team. There are two influencing factors: the game is more organized and publicly supported a fanatical audience, “said Booth to answer questions during a press conference at Legal Aryaduta Hotel on Monday (6/12/2010) yesterday.

Meanwhile, Malaysian coach K. Rajagopal expressed a desire to compete again against his team squad Alfred Riedl if there is a chance.

“I said he wanted to meet again with Indonesia, not revenge. But, when Malaysia qualified for the semi-finals, hopefully the two teams met in the final. There will be resistance different from us, hopefully not like what you see before, “says Rajagopal.

Laos Malaysia versus stage their last Group A match at Stadium Srivijaya, Jakabaring, Kilkenny, on Tuesday (07/12/2010), at 19.30 pm. Both teams still have the opportunity cruised into the semifinals, although thin, depending on the action of counter Thailand Indonesia in Jakarta, at the same time. Read more

Prediction by Paul Octopus and Mouse at the Final Netherlands v Spain

Prediction by Paul Octopus at the Final Netherlands v Spain, videos and links related to Prediction Paul Octopus – Octopus Paul at the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa between the Netherlands vs. Spain | Netherlands vs. Spain, Spain will become World Cup champions for the first time on Sunday, according to ‘Paul’, the octopus forecasters in Germany, which so far right in predicting the outcome of other matches. Paul, has become a topic of conversation during the World Cup because precisely predict the outcome of the game six Germans. This octopus quickly entered the Spanish flag in a press box on live television in Germany. Inside the aquarium was provided two boxes of stuffed shells, berbendara Netherlands and Spain.
Previously, the octopus in an aquarium Oberhausen, Germany, estimates that the German national team will beat Uruguay in the determination of the third and fourth place on Saturday. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero called for the octopus was given protection.
“I am worried about the safety of an octopus … I feel the need to send a team,” Zapatero slightly joking in an interview with radio Cadena Ser.
Spanish Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian requested that this octopus immediately ‘transferred’ without cost to Spain to “ensure its protection.”
Some supporters of Germany, who was angry because he felt ‘betrayed’ by Paul sang anti-octopus in the semi-finals Spain, Germany and then.

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Paul Octopus preview Germany vs Uruguay

Prediction Paul Octopus preview Germany vs Uruguay : Although disappointed by failing stepped into the finals, the match Germany vs Spain, and urguay who lost the match Netherlands vs Uruguay, Uruguayan winger, Maximiliano Pereira tried unrealistic. He believes his team can still go home with pride, by bending the seizure of German at third place.

For evidence of just how much the play-off for third place at the FIFA World Cup™ means, you only have to go back to the summer of 2006 and recall the determination with which host nation Germany rounded off their campaign with a 3-1 victory over Portugal in Stuttgart. It was the same for 1990 hosts Italy, who bounced back from the huge disappointment of semi-final defeat to Argentina with a spirit-lifting 2-1 success over England.

And the showdown for the final place on the podium often proves most rewarding for dark horses that have lit up a tournament, such as Sweden at USA 1994, Croatia at France 1998 and Turkey at Korea/Japan 2002. What’s more, with the pressure off and coaches’ tactical leashes loosened, these games can result in end-to-end football, chances aplenty and goals galore. Read more

Germany vs Spain Prediction Odd

In the semifinal round of World Cup 2010 is indeed quite difficult to predict who will enter the final and became the top scorer in 2010 World Cup, while the Dutch have been waiting in the final based on the prediction of Uruguay vs netherlands, spain vs germany but the prediction is going to end up predicting a lot of the fun because the same equally strong second-team. yet another prediction that the Spanish Matador team will be a candidate for the 2010 World Cup champion, started to approach reality.

Euro 2008 champion is more than the unseeded German Panzer team in the semi-final matches on Thursday (08/07/2010), at 1:30 pm dawn later in Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban.

This is understandable, considering the Vicente del Bosque besutan forces are capable of defeating Germany at the last meeting in the final of Euro 2008, Fernando Torres through the single goal.

Spain’s ambition to repeat the success tonight, not an easy matter. Panzer team with youth workers currently perform more moncer (glow-red). Evidently, UK and Argentina, which previously favored successful they castrate. Read more