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Chocolate with Content Dodol

Store D’jieun Tjokelat which is located at Jalan Oto Iskandardinata No. 2 held a grand opening yesterday. Vice Regent of Garut Diky Rani Chandra and his wife Jewel officially opened the shop that makes it different lunkhead.

In this grand opening, D’jieun Tjokelat offer a variety of chocolates that dikreasikan with traditional Sundanese dishes. Call it the chocolate content of dodol or called chocodot, Brown brown contents lunkhead (brodol), brown sheep arrowroot (cogar), chocolate coffee beans contents (kopicok), chocolate dipped ranginang (rangicok) and chocolate pizza lunkhead (zadol) and others.

These products, packaged in a variety of models.
Store Manager Kiki D’jieun Tjokelat Gumelar said that D’jieun Store Tjokelat an obsession browning of Garut district without compromising the value of Sundanese culture, including packaging produces a chocolate with five mountains surrounding the city of Garut. “This is my one year journey to develop brown,” he explained. Read more

an easy way to learn chemistry and physics

Many people think that the lesson exactly as chemistry or physics is difficult. Many also say physics or chemistry is a lesson to be frightening specter. And for most students either in college or school they say similar things, as Chemistry Problems and Physics Problems. Actually the key to learning anything that is just one language comprehension. Language is a key element in understanding the questions or the material presented. Mastery of vocabulary will further facilitate the learning process. So if someone said that the chemistry is difficult, it is because they do not understand the language presented, the problem is. Read more

Melindungi Anak Ketika Online Internet

Setelah banyak diberitakan dalam media mengenai bahayanya situs jejaring sosial seperti Facebook akhir-akhir ini kian mempertegas perlunya partisipasi intensif orang tua untuk melindungi anak-anak mereka dalam pergaulan dunia maya. Hal pertama yang harus disadari banyak orang tua adalah  anak-anak mereka akan selalu memiliki akses ke internet, seberapapun mereka berusaha mengendalikan apa yang anak-anak mereka lakukan dan lihat di dunia maya itu.

Anak-anak selalu memiliki rasa ingin tahu yang amat tinggi dan cerdik. Mereka akan mendapatkan akses ke internet bila mereka mau. Tergantung dari umur anak itu, mereka pasti memiliki akes ke internet yang tidak semua bisa anda kendalikan. Dari mulai komputer sekolah, perpustakaan, komputer teman-teman mereka dan alat-alat komunikasi mobile seperti telepon selular, juga konsol permainan yang tersambung ke internet seperti Xbox dan Wii — mereka pasti memiliki jalan untuk mendapatkan akses Internet.

Hanya di rumah orang tua memiliki kendali terhadap kehidupan online anak-anak mereka, dan para orang tua harus memanfaatkan saat-saat tersebut untuk melindungi anak-anak mereka. Ada beberapa langkah praktis yang bisa dilakukan untuk memaksimalisasi perlindungan yang dapat diberikan pada anak-anak yang making sering bergaul di dunia maya. Orang tua harus mau Read more

Hosting service relationship with seo activities

a few days back my blog is inaccessible, because the hosting server is often down, when I was seo optimization to improve the ranking of this blog, but now it back up and normal due to the server hosting this blog I had been transferred exclusively with using a web hosting service is quite reliable and stable when compared to other hosting server I’ve tried, to choose a good hosting, it is well worth considering, because according to. In my experience, hosting a sloppy low price usually does not guarantee the reliability of the hosting service, for it was for me usually, before selecting a hosting service I usually read a web hosting guide, special review of hosting services available, especially for blogs with a fairly high traffic that in use for blog optimization activities, required a reliable hosting servers and stable, and it can found from the experience of users who have experienced hosting. Read more