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Samsung N210, Armed siege Netbook Cool Tools

As a new player in Indonesia netbook market, Samsung would have a tough task for breaking the dominance of its competitors who had already jumped in this business area. For the mission, South Korean vendors are also hanging his hopes to N210 and N150. At this opportunity, a chance to try Samsung N210. At first glance, looks more elegant N210 from N150. It was posted directly from the N210 wrapped cover made of acrylic material that makes it look smooth, stylish and classy.

Design: Clean, Stylish, Classy

Like netbook class brained other Pine Trail, Samsung also has revolutionized the design of the N210 becomes more ‘classy’ than the previous series. Actually, what makes this netbook looks classy and smooth? Once observed, was a silver chrome edge around his body is what makes the netbook look special. Stylish design grew as the blue LED indicator light, burning in the body of N210.

Part of another interesting design is the cover. The entire surface is made of glossy netbook with patterned motifs such as brick pattern. This design looks interesting. Unfortunately the glossy surface does not touch the touchpad. The edge Ericsson is quick N210 Hewlett Packard is similar to an elegant mini-note. As far, Samsung N210 body feels solid and there is no part of which reads, when shaken. Read more

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t, Netbook Sailing Touch Play

Design: Glossy and Lightweight, Easy Keyboard darling Gross, Tablet PCs from Lenovo this may have little value compared iPad plus. Although different position, IdeaPad S10-3p can answer iPad weaknesses such as: problems with Flash, memory card slot, and a physical keyboard. Followed IdeaPad S10 is a tablet PC product multi-touch first made in Lenovo. With a price of around USD 5.5 million and the latest Intel Atom processor N470, Lenovo as if to attract market share with this tablet.

Users can feel the sensation of touch screen on a netbook sailed around 180 degrees. One thing i Read more