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Prediction by Paul Octopus and Mouse at the Final Netherlands v Spain

Prediction by Paul Octopus at the Final Netherlands v Spain, videos and links related to Prediction Paul Octopus – Octopus Paul at the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa between the Netherlands vs. Spain | Netherlands vs. Spain, Spain will become World Cup champions for the first time on Sunday, according to ‘Paul’, the octopus forecasters in Germany, which so far right in predicting the outcome of other matches. Paul, has become a topic of conversation during the World Cup because precisely predict the outcome of the game six Germans. This octopus quickly entered the Spanish flag in a press box on live television in Germany. Inside the aquarium was provided two boxes of stuffed shells, berbendara Netherlands and Spain.
Previously, the octopus in an aquarium Oberhausen, Germany, estimates that the German national team will beat Uruguay in the determination of the third and fourth place on Saturday. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero called for the octopus was given protection.
“I am worried about the safety of an octopus … I feel the need to send a team,” Zapatero slightly joking in an interview with radio Cadena Ser.
Spanish Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian requested that this octopus immediately ‘transferred’ without cost to Spain to “ensure its protection.”
Some supporters of Germany, who was angry because he felt ‘betrayed’ by Paul sang anti-octopus in the semi-finals Spain, Germany and then.

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