News about the virus continues to be the talk Stuxnet serious. Indeed, malware is not new. Last year, the virus attacked computer network called Conflicker that uses smart techniques to avoid disinfection. Could there Stuxnet Anti Virus

The virus, called Stuxnet have different levels of sophistication with these other viruses, according to the researchers may be made by an organization that dsokong by the government of the United States and Israel.

However, according to founder and CEO of security firm Kaspersky Lab Eugene Kaspersky, the virus Stuxnet is a ‘star’ with a new technique that attack is much more dangerous than previous strains.

“I think this is a turning point, this is the time when we reached a completely new world, because in the past there was only cyber criminals, now I am afraid it is time cyber-terrorism, cyber-weapons and cyber-war,” he said , as quoted by Techie Buzz, Monday (02/09/2010).

This system has been confirmed to have caused extensive damage to Iran’s nuclear facilities, and are currently analyzed by the U.S. security organizations.

Ni Stuxnet virus has also been found in the system of Siemens in India, Indonesia, Pakistan and elsewhere. Stuxnet designed is unique because of its ability to identify the network control facility and destroy it.

“This malicious program is not designed to steal money, send spam, retrieve personal data. This part of the malware that is designed to sabotage Security and damage to industrial systems, “said Eugene Kaspersky

New Threats Virus Stuxnet Cyber terrorism
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