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e-HP PhotoSmart All-in-One B110a

Hewlett Packard (HP) today launched the first printer that uses Eprint technology, namely e-HP PhotoSmart All-in-One B110a.

Eprint technology implemented by HP allows users to print from the e-mail from anywhere to any printer that has the ability Eprint, through the HP platform Eprint. It also save documents in the cloud and print them when needed, makes the printer printing private for personal content, and managing content and documents efficiently on the HP website ePrintCentre

“HP PhotoSmart e-All-in-One can print via gadgets B110a (IPAD, iPhone, etc..) Whatsoever, provided that the gadget is connected to the Internet / e-mail, whether it be through the network / cable or wireless,” said Alia Ochtara Goddess, marketing-development manager, Inkjet Web Solution, Imaging Printing Group, Hewlett Packard Indonesia, at the launch of this product in JCC on Friday (11/05/2010). Read more